Aaron Paul Joins ‘Westworld’ for Season 3

     September 13, 2018

breaking-bad-aaron-paul-sliceAaron Paul has joined the cast of HBO’s Westworld for the science-fiction drama’s third season. No word yet on who the Breaking Bad star might be playing—or if he’s host or human—but Deadline reports that Paul is hopping aboard the train to Sweetwater as a series regular.

The three-time Emmy-winner joins the show at a mighty tumultuous time in the Westworld universe. Season 2 concluded with yet another layer of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy‘s puzzle box getting peeled back, as Evan Rachel Wood’s robot revolutionary Dolores and Jeffrey Wright‘s Bernard find themselves among flesh-and-blood humans outside the Westworld park. Joy has already teased a new season completely unlike anything that came before:

“It’s going to be a whole new world. And we technically have three [hosts], because Hale is out there, too, or someone who certainly looks like Tessa Thompson! We’ll come to see who’s really there and what that character is in the future. This series is about reinvention and scope. The first season was a more intimate look at the park from within the loops. In the second season, the hosts broke out of their loops and were able to explore more of the park. In the third season, they’ve broken out of the park itself. We’re in terra incognita. From the beginning, when Jonah and I were thinking about the series as far back as the pilot, we knew we wanted to explore other worlds in the park, and we also knew the one world we would start to see little glimpses of throughout the first two seasons was the real world, and that we would get there eventually — and when we did, it would be a whole new experience.”

Paul can next be seen alongside Octavia Spencer in Apple’s anthology series Are you Sleeping? from Reese Witherspoon‘s production company, Hello Sunshine.

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