‘Westworld’ Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: “Welcome to the End of the Game”

     April 5, 2020

Oh Westworld, you’ve done it again. Season 3 Episode 4, titled “The Mother of Exiles,” packed a hefty dose of exposition and backstory into a single hour of storytelling and ended on a massive twist, as we finally learned who’s inside those host bodies that Dolores has created. Written by Jordan Goldberg and Lisa Joy and directed by Paul Cameron, who served as the HBO show’s cinematographer for the pilot and the Season 3 premiere (click here to read my spoiler-filled interview with Cameron about Episode 4), the episode took viewers on a rollicking roller coaster ride across multiple points of view, and finally brought William back into the fold. There’s a lot to unpack so forgive the long-windedness as I attempt to explain WTF just happened…