You’re Gonna Want to Watch After the Credits of the ‘Westworld’ Season 3 Premiere

     March 15, 2020

It’s been a long almost two years since we last had a new episode of Westworld, but everyone’s favorite convoluted sci-fi drama is finally back in our lives. Season 3 of the HBO sci-fi series premieres on Sunday, March 15th with something of a reboot, but we’re here to give you a very important heads up: You’re going to want to stick around after the credits for a special surprise.

Westworld Season 3 finds Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) venturing outside the park with a mind of her own for the first time, while other hosts like Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) also try to make their way in the real world having successfully escaped the enclosed environment of Westworld at the end of Season 2. In this new season, we’re also introduced to a new human character named Caleb (Aaron Paul), who is a blue-collar worker living in Los Angeles, struggling to make ends meet in a world where everyone’s path is dictated by an A.I.-led algorithm. Caleb serves as an audience surrogate of sorts, allowing us to explore and be introduced to the human-led world through his eyes.


Image via HBO

I’ve seen the first two episodes of the new season and agree with Haleigh’s review that it’s as engrossing, frustrating, and wildly entertaining as ever. But also having seen those episodes, I can tell you there is a Westworld credits scene at the end of the premiere that you’re going to want to watch. I wouldn’t dare spoil what happens in it, but I will it say you won’t see all your favorite Westworld characters in the first episode of Season 3. This credits scene offers a glimpse at one of the other characters is up to, whose journey we pick up on in Episode 2.

Westworld Season 3 consists of only eight episodes total, so savor them while you’ve got them, but I can attest that having moved into the real world it’s a tremendously expansive and dynamic season. It’s also—so far, at least—far more linear, doing away with the confusing multiple timelines of Season 2.

So yeah, stick around after the credits of Westworld Season 3, Episode 1, titled “Parce Domine,” to get an early peek at something from Episode 2.

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