Evan Rachel Wood on ‘Westworld’s Continuing Evolution: “Every Season Is a Reinvention”

     September 21, 2020

If Westworld fans thought Season 3 was a significant departure for the HBO series, they may wanna hold onto their butts. While the sci-fi drama series began as the story of a theme park full of robots, it quickly evolved into a much grander tale with designs on moving beyond the park. Season 3 found the characters leaving the titular Westworld behind in favor of the real world, and series star Evan Rachel Wood says that reinvention every year is part of the show’s DNA – meaning Season 4 will be just as different.

When speaking with Collider’s own Perri Nemiroff about her new film Kajillionaire, Wood spoke about having to find a new groove for her character in each season of Westworld:

“It’s felt like that every season a bit. Season 3 for sure because that was just shooting a completely different show, but luckily it’s still the same people every year, the same crew that’s been with us since the beginning. We’ve been doing it for so long it very much is like a family.”


Photo by John P. Johnson/HBO

Although the actress did note one constant through it all – chaos behind the scenes:

“Even though the seasons change it’s still just as chaotic behind the scenes, and so there’s something comforting about that because it doesn’t change. But every season is a reinvention and [showrummer] Jonah Nolan made it very clear from the beginning that [we would] tear down the sets after every season and start again. It’s bittersweet because you get to know these characters really well and you like them how they are and you have to kind of start over every season, and I think that’s what keeps it interesting. What’s Season 4 gonna be? Even I don’t know!”

You may or may not recall that production on Season 1 of Westworld was halted so that Nolan, Lisa Joy, and the rest of the writers could recalibrate the rest of the scripts to account for the many twists, only for fans to pick up on Season 1’s big reveal after the pilot aired. Westworld is a complicated show with a lot of moving parts, and it sounds like figuring out exactly how those puzzle pieces will fit together is a process that goes down to the wire.

HBO has renewed Westworld for a fourth season already, but we truly have no idea what to expect next. We’ll hopefully find out in the next year or so, assuming production gets underway in 2021.

Look for our full interview with Wood on Collider soon.


Image via HBO