‘Pacific Rim Uprising’: More Than 30 Things To Know About the Monster Sequel

     November 2, 2017


It’s hot in Australia, 104 to be exact. But on the sound stages of Pacific Rim Uprising, things are heating up in an entirely different way. John Boyega and Scott Eastwood are suited up and strapped inside of a Jaeger Conn-Pod. Sparks fly (literally) as Boyega gets taken out in battle, hanging limp in his harness. It’s an intense couple of moments, but as the buzzer sounds, we watch Boyega straighten, reset, and prepare himself for another round of Kaiju beat-downs.

Later in the day, my fellow journalists and I would be put to the test on our own, sparring with stunt coordinators from the film and learning that what Boyega and Eastwood made look easy was in fact, a serious challenge that would test your brain and body (and, of course, embarrass those not gifted with hand-eye coordination). But in between all the action on set, I had a chance to speak to many of the talents involved in the production, including stars Boyega, Eastwood and newcomer Cailee Spaeny, director Steven DeKnight and producer Cale Boyter to get the latest and greatest on the heavily anticipated sequel.

Here’s everything you need to know about Pacific Rim Uprising, straight from the set:

  • The sequel will function as a standalone. “We built it so if you want to just watch this movie, all the information you need is in there,” DeKnight told us. Of course, fans of the first movie should expect “a rich experience” all the same.


    Image via Universal Pictures

  • The film will pick up ten years after the end of the first Pacific Rim, as the Jaeger program is being phased out worldwide.

  • The filmmakers worked from the bible that Guillermo del Toro developed on the first Pacific Rim. “We expanded it,” added Boyter.

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