5 Key Reasons to Watch the Millennial Satire ‘Search Party’

     May 28, 2020


If art is a mirror we hold up to the world in order to show some truth about our existence, then Search Party is a magnifying glass. The first two seasons of the TBS series are now available on HBO Max, which means it’s about time you started watching before Season 3 drops on June 25.

Search Party stars Alia ShawkatJohn ReynoldsJohn Early, and Meredith Hagner as a quartet of Brooklyn twenty-somethings looking for a friend who appears to have gone missing. In the search for a friend, this group must also grapple with their own oddballs adventures in search of their own sense of self, stability, and purpose. Best of all, Search Party is the kind of twisty, satirical bit of delicious you want to sink your teeth into, binging it because every moment is just that good.

So, below are five very good reasons you should tune in to Search Party ASAP. If you’re in need of a laugh, a thrill, a chill, or in general just feel a strong desire to be transported away from your own problems and delight in the hilariously absurd dramas of four adults you’ve never met, then Search Party is absolutely the show for you.

Search Party Seasons 1 and 2 are now available to watch on HBO Max. Search Party Season 3 debuts on HBO Max on Thursday, June 25. For more on HBO Max, check out our review of the new platform and a list of everything available to watch right now.