What Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ Movie Can Learn from DC’s ‘Young Justice’ Animated Series

     August 30, 2019


Marvel’s Phase Four is kicking off with Black Widow in May, 2020, and continues on November 6, 2020 with the release of The Eternals, a star-studded film about a group of near-immortal beings that have shaped human history by taking on the guises of gods and mythological heroes. The Eternals were created by Jack Kirby, the prolific comic book legend who had previously developed a different story filled with gods and monsters for DC Comics, Fourth World.

2017’s Justice League attempted to translate that work to the big screen by having the heroes fight against the minions of the evil New God Darkseid, and pretty much failed miserably. But there’s a much better version of the same story airing on DC Universe right now in Young Justice: Outsiders, and The Eternals writers Matthew and Ryan Firpo could take a few key lessons on how that show uses Kirby’s complicated cannon.