Let Collider’s BingeBot Help You Decide What To Watch Tonight

     January 16, 2017

You know the feeling: you’ve got an evening of freedom ahead of you and countless streaming services at your disposal, but you just can’t seem to make a decision. And somewhere between Amazon Prime, Netflix and actually getting off the couch and heading to a theater, you sigh, give up and grab your boxset of Star Trek: The Next Generation or choose to binge The Office for the hundredth time. But now, there’s a better option, thanks to Collider’s very own BingeBot, a responsive movie recommendation bot that lives right inside Facebook Messenger! It’s even handy if you’re going out instead and wanna read our latest reviews for movies in theaters.

Confused? Here’s how it works: simply hit us up on Messenger (want a shortcut? click here) and answer the questions our helpful BingeBot asks! First let BingeBot know whether you’re staying in or going out, and if you’re staying in, what type of movie or television you want. Choose if you’re staying in and surfing Netflix or Amazon Prime. From there, you can surf through our staff picks for the very best films and shows in every genre, including drama, comedy, sci-fi, horror, animation, and so much more. Want a snarky, darkly witted comedy series to watch on Amazon? How about comic spoofs of beloved documentaries? The best ’80s sci-fi online streaming has to offer? BingeBot’s got you. And if you’re looking for the film you’ve gotta get out to the box office and catch this weekend, BingeBot will always have the freshest picks so you don’t miss a movie. The video above gives you the gist if you don’t believe us.

Feel that? That’s relief – the relief of knowing that whether you’re entertaining your out of town in-laws or wiling away an afternoon, you’ll never be without an exciting entertainment bot that lives right inside your pocket. The future is now!

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