When Will It Be ’77 (formerly 5-25-77)

     May 26, 2009

77 movie image John Francis Daley (3).jpgI think the last I ever heard of Patrick Read Johnson’s “5-25-77” was a trailer I saw sometime back in 2007 and then it went silent.  The film had an interesting premise about a group of kids gearing up to see “Star Wars” combined with a coming-of-age story but then nothing happened.  No more trailers, interviews, or any kind of publicity.

Two years later, I discover (via AICN) that the film has resurfaced, now called “’77” and judging from the new trailer, while the opening of “Star Wars” is the film’s hook, I think it may be far more interesting than that as Johnson’s autobiographical tale is more about film geekery and following a passion for making movies that extends beyond “A Galaxy Far, Far Away…” and incorporates other movies like “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “Jaws”.  So what’s been the hold-up?  According to Johnson in an interview with Starlog Magazine,

“Though we had two fantastic screenings at the Hamptons Film Festival and won an award (The Heineken Red Star) and got a lot of nice press, Cassian and Phil and I all felt we needed to do some more work in the cutting room, which in turn required us to heavily revise our VFX shot list, choose some different songs from the era for certain sequences AND rework portions of the score by David Russo and Alan Parsons. Meanwhile, various members of the team were being picked off by other jobs, and the big financial meltdown was occurring, and investment dollars were suddenly very hard to come by… So we basically shut down at the end of the year to wait out the turmoil. By the time things started to calm down, my VFX team was off doing other work, my composers were on to other jobs, and I’d taken an offer to direct another film. But, thankfully, I’ll be done with that project right about the time we plan on restarting post on 77, in order to have it ready for the American Film Market in November.”

I hope the film doesn’t disappear again and that Johnson can finally make the film he wants.  Check out the new trailer after the jump (or go to the official website) and hope that “’77” doesn’t mean “2077”.

[We’ve removed the trailer at the request of the filmmaker.]

77 movie image John Francis Daley.jpg

77 movie image John Francis Daley (1).jpg

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