‘White Savior: The Movie’ Trailer: Amber Ruffin and Seth Meyers Hilariously Blast Hollywood Trope

     February 22, 2019

If you read Collider regularly, you know I’m not so secretly a big fan of Late Night with Seth Meyers. Not only did Seth Meyers himself fill a major void that was left by Jon Stewart by leaning more into politics with the show, but he’s also made Late Night a terrific showcase for his talented writers. Segments like “Amber Says What!” and “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell” are both uproariously funny and strikingly pointed, and that “comedy with a strong point of view” mold continues with Late Night’s latest movie parody: White Savior: The Movie.

Much like previous spoofs like Boston Accent, Newspaper Movie, and Oscar Bait, the Late Night team has put together a very funny pre-recorded bit that zeroes in on a particular subject. This time, the “white savior” trope is the target, obviously inspired by the success of (and controversy surrounding) Green Book, which is up for a number of Oscars on Sunday.

Written by Amber Ruffin and Jenny Hagel, White Savior: The Movie stars Ruffin and Meyers and really nails the titular trope that is prevalent in a lot of backwards-looking films. You know the type. Movies that purport to be uplifting stories about overcoming racism, but that largely ignore the systemic roadblocks that prevent people of color from advancing or standing up for themselves. All in favor of painting a simple solution—one usually facilitated by a white hero. See: Green Book.

This is first and foremost hilarious, and it’s only a matter of time before Amber Ruffin becomes a huge star. But it also digs at something really bothersome about the movies its calling out (and props to Ruffin and Hagel for going there and naming names). Check it out below.