‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Officially Rated R for “Violence Throughout”

     October 17, 2019


It’s officially official: Terminator 6 is Rated R. While the sequel/franchise reboot Terminator: Dark Fate turned heads when it was first announced, fans breathed a sigh of relief when James Cameron—who directed the first two Terminator movies and returned as a creative producer for Dark Fate—confirmed that the new movie would in fact be Rated R, just like the first two. Surprisingly enough, it’s the first time a Terminator film has been Rated R since the forgotten sequel Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. But that’s fitting, since the story of Dark Fate is a direct follow-up to T2 that ignores those other sequels and reboots.

The MPAA has rated Terminator: Dark Fate R for “violence throughout, language, and brief nudity,” which is pretty in keeping with the first two entries of the franchise and the filmography of director Tim Miller, who made his feature debut with the R-rated hit Deadpool and most recently spearheaded the NSFW Netflix animated series Love, Death + Robots.


Image via Paramount Pictures

The story of Dark Fate takes place decades after the events of T2, with Cameron convening with a writers room to come up with a story good enough that it would lure Linda Hamilton back to her iconic role of Sarah Connor. They succeeded, and while exact details are under wraps, we know that Gabriel Luna plays a new Terminator, Natalie Reyes is our new human protagonist, and Mackenzie Davis plays some sort of human/Terminator hybrid (I think) who helps protect Reyes and Diego Boneta’s characters. Oh, and Arnold Scharzenegger is back as the T-800 somehow.

Cameron—who helped come up with the story but then stepped back once filming began to focus on the Avatar sequels—recently said that Dark Fate kicks off a new trilogy of films, and while that was the idea behind the disastrous reboot Terminator: Genisys, one wonders if bringing back Hamilton and the R-rating will finally do the trick.

We’ll find out when Terminator: Dark Fate hits theaters on November 1st.

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