Why Your Favorite Movie Hasn’t Been Announced for Disney+ Yet

     November 13, 2019

The ingeniously orchestrated announcement of “basically” everything coming to Disney+ when the direct-to-consumer service launches on November 12th lit up the internet before the streaming service dropped. Responses to the announcement, which came with a string of tweets 630-long (a world record no less) and a 3 hour+ video on YouTube, varied from elation (woo, so many original Disney animated classics!) to befuddlement (if you don’t know what Fuzzbucket is, there might not be any help for you) but overriding response seemed to be outrage. More specifically (and maybe this was just on Twitter), but people were pretty miffed because their favorite movie wasn’t a part of the announcement. (The Enchanted fans were active and they were loud.) And now that Disney+ is live, folks are finding out some of their favorite titles aren’t on there just yet. But calmness and patience aren’t traits generally associated with the internet, so we thought we’d rundown just why your favorite movie wasn’t a part of the big reveal and isn’t on Disney Plus just yet.

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