Wil Wheaton to Return to THE BIG BANG THEORY

     September 1, 2010

Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) will have to face his nemesis once again, as The Big Bang Theory producer Bill Prady confirmed to EW that the producers want Wil Wheaton to return to the show this season, possibly for November sweeps.  Sheldon and Wil Wheaton have faced off twice before: in a card game and on the bowling lanes, but Prady says that the scenario being planned now was inspired by the idea of “minor celebrities cutting in line.”  You can probably imagine Sheldon’s rage if the person he loathes most were to cut in line in front of him and take the last seats (or the acoustic sweet spot) to a midnight one-time-only movie screening, so it’ll be awesome if this plan actually happens.  Sheldon deserves one more chance at revenge, served cold and in Klingon, against the man who dared to call him Moonpie, because nobody calls him Moonpie but Meemaw.