Ladies Night: ‘Wild Rose’ Star Jessie Buckley on How a Stranger’s Kindness Changed Her Career

     June 20, 2019

If you’re not familiar with Jessie Buckley‘s work, you’re going to want to change that ASAP; not just because her new release Wild Rose is one of the best movies I’ve seen in 2019, but also because she is absolutely brimming with talent and bound to shine more and more as she adds new projects to her resume.

In Wild Rose, Buckley leads as Rose-Lynn Harlan. She lives in Glasgow and dreams of ditching home sweet home to live her dream of making it as a country singer in Nashville. Trouble is, at the start of the movie, Rose-Lynn is first getting out of prison. She’s going home to her two young children who were living with her mother (Julie Walter) while she was away and she also isn’t able to go back to her old singing gig thanks to an ankle monitor. Instead, she winds up getting a cleaning job working for Susannah (Sophie Okonedo) and her family. One might not expect that to inch her closer to Nashville, but Susannah actually takes a strong interest in her dream, calling Rose-Lynn’s priorities into question; is it her singing or her children?


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Collider Ladies Night is all about putting the spotlight on standout female voices in the industry so it was a real treat and honor to get the opportunity to spread the word about Buckley’s talent and also give you the chance to get to know her from growing up around lots of music to her time on the reality show I’d Do Anything, all the way up to her work on Wild Rose. You can hear about it all in the full interview at the top of this article and, if you’d like, there’s a handy breakdown of the conversation below. You can also listen to this interview in podcast form! We’ve got that for you below as well:

Wild Rose hits select theaters on June 21st and I can’t recommend it enough!

Jessie Buckley:

      • 01:18 – Buckley discusses her first interests and goals – movies, singing or theater?
      • 04:15 – Growing up playing a whole bunch of instruments; learning guitar for Wild Rose.
      • 05:50 – Buckley discusses her run on the reality show I’d Do Anything.
      • 08:22 – On keeping in touch with Andrew Lloyd Webber.
      • 09:40 – Buckley on the kindness of a stranger who made a big difference for her.
      • 10:55 – Going back to her old school and talking to the students; being afraid of herself at that age.
      • 12:36 – Choosing to pass on certain gigs after I’d Do Anything; the importance of learning to say “no” sometimes.
      • 14:56 – Playing a frustrated, complex character like Rose-Lynn.
      • 16:40 – How she scored the lead role in Wild Rose; feeling terrified in a good way jumping into this movie.
      • 19:04 – What made Buckley stop singing for a period of time; the power of country music.

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      • 21:20 – Singing live on set and how many times they had to shoot each scene to get the necessary coverage.
      • 22:45 – Buckley on working with Sophie Okonedo.
      • 23:46 – Did Buckley need an emotional detox after certain scenes?
      • 24:50 – What does Buckley need in-hand when she goes to set?
      • 25:28 – The movies and shows that Buckley is watching in her free time.
      • 26:20 – Buckley highlights some women in Hollywood that she thinks are changing the industry for the better.
      • 27:35 – Buckley has been on a lengthy press tour for Wild Rose; how the experience promoting the movie changes from place to place.
      • 29:25 – A movie that’s grown on her over the years; her favorite movie to re-watch.
      • 30:35 – Buckley’s goals for the future of her career.
      • 33:15 – You can see Buckley perform the music from Wild Rose live!
      • 34:38 – Buckley actually shot some material for the Robert Downey Jr. The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle movie.
      • 35:12 – What movie does Buckley quote the most?
      • 36:00 – Buckley got to keep her Wild Rose costume.
      • 36:37 – The time she got a tattoo on a lunch break.
      • 38:06 – What TV show would she want to guest star on?
      • 38:35 – The most impulsive thing she has done recently.
      • 39:40 – The movies Buckley is looking forward to seeing most this year.

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