Will Arnett – Exclusive Video Interview – SEMI PRO

     February 11, 2008

A few days ago I got to attend the press junket for the upcoming Will Ferrell basketball comedy “Semi Pro.” If you haven’t heard of the film yet, Will plays Jackie Moon, a one-hit wonder who used the profits from the success of his chart-topping song “Love Me Sexy” to achieve his dream of owning a basketball team. But Will’s franchise, the Flint Michigan Tropics, is the worst team in the league and in danger of folding when the ABA announces its plans to merge with the NBA. If they want to survive, Jackie (Will) and the Tropics must now do the seemingly impossible – win. The film has a great cast with Woody Harrelson, Andre Benjamin, Maura Tierney, Will Arnett, Andy Richter, Rob Corddry and Jackie Earle Haley all playing supporting roles.

Anyway, I got to interview a number of people in the movie and the one below is with Will Arnett.

Here’s what you need to know before watching… I am not funny. When a super talented comedian attempts to involve me in an improv session, I will always make an ass of myself. Always.

The thing to know is, I used to have a pretty crazy beard. I recently shaved it off and it’s been a subject of discussion at the recent junkets I’ve attended. So while I was kind of used to it with the journalists and junket people that I work with, when Will Arnett started the interview talking about my beard, it absolutely messed me up. I wasn’t expecting it and I didn’t have a good response. Then, he went for the kill shot by talking about the hat I was wearing… I’ll let you discover what happened as you watch the interview.

But enough of the set-up.

Once the interview got back on track we talked a lot about “Semi-Pro,” and of course I asked him about “Knight Rider.” In case you didn’t know, Will was originally cast to be the voice of KITT in the new version of the show, but he had to drop out. It had to do with his voice over work for General Motors and the KITT car is a Ford. Dumb, I know.

Anyway, I think the interview came out great and you’ll enjoy watching it. If you missed the “Semi-Pro” movie clips and music video for “Love Me Sexy,” you can watch them here. Also, I just posted a video interview with Woody Harrelson so click here if you missed it. “Semi-Pro” opens February 29th.Look for more video interviews tomorrow.

Will Arnett

  • Beard talk

  • New England Patriots talk

  • The design of the junket room

  • How much fun was it making another Will Ferrell comedy

  • Did he know it’d be rated R in advance

  • Improv talk

  • Is he trying to get into all the Will Ferrell comedies

  • Knight Rider talk. I ask how disappointed is he that it didn’t work out

  • I ask if he had seen it yet

  • What does he have coming up – he talks about G-Force

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