Will Dominic Cooper be Fandral the Dashing from the Warriors Three in THOR?

     October 19, 2009

Dominic Cooper THOR as Fandral the Dashing from the Warriors Three.jpg

Thanks to the folks at Movieline, we know Dominic Cooper (“An Education”, “Mamma Mia!”) is up for the role of Fandral the Dashing, one of the Warriors Three, in director Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor”. The reason we’ve all found out is Cooper accidentally left his casting sides near him when doing the interview. Of course being up for a role doesn’t mean he’s part of the cast. More after the jump:

Dominic Cooper.jpgWhile Cooper may or may not be in the actual movie, the best thing about all this is learning the Warriors Three might be in the movie. While I’m not an expert on “Thor” mythology, if you’re a fan of the comic, I’m sure you’re excited to hear this news.

So for all of us not caught up on Fandral, here’s what Wikipedia had:

Fandral is a warrior of Asgard and an adventurer. He is an irrepressible swashbuckler and romantic. His bravery and optimism often puts the group in highly disadvantageous positions; as perennially pointed out by the gloomy Hogun. Fandral considers himself the consummate ladies’ man and is often depicted with a bevy of young ladies. His actual success with these ladies is intermittent at best, but as such provides numerous opportunities for humorous results. Despite these flaws, he possesses an excessively noble spirit and will do the right thing without thought to his personal safety or prosperity.

Fandral has been involved in a great many adventures and quests, as a member of the Warriors Three, as an ally of Thor, and on his own. Fandral joined in a quest for the power that had cracked the Oversword of Asgard. He helped quell a mutiny led by Loki. Etc…

Seems like this would be a lot of fun to play and i think Cooper could pull it off easy.

While “Thor” is clearly going to be a much different comic book movie than what has been made before, that’s what excites me about the project. Of course, trying to make a movie about Gods is going to be the most challenging production Marvel has ever made. I’m confident it’ll work.

With filming set to begin early next year, expect tons of other “Thor” news soon.

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