Will Edward Norton Hulk Out Again for THE AVENGERS?

     March 16, 2010


Will he or won’t he?  Movie fans everywhere are anxiously waiting to find out if Edward Norton will join Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, and whoever-ends-up-playing-Captain-America on screen by reprising his role as Bruce Banner/The Hulk for the upcoming The Avengers.

In numerous interviews at the SXSW Film Festival (where he’s promoting his upcoming film Leaves of Grass) Norton may have placed a couple nails in the coffin of a potential sequel to The Incredible Hulk and his involvement in Marvel’s future plans.  However, he left a lot of his answers fairly open-ended by citing timing and what Marvel wants to do in the future as the most important factors. In an interview with MTV, he said, “We’ll see what they want to do. I figure it’s a ways down the road.” Hit the jump for a bit more on Norton’s SXSW interviews and short video of the MTV interview.

Here’s the video of Norton speaking with MTV:

the_incredible_hulk_movie_image_edward_norton_l.jpgDespite his very public disagreements with Marvel over The Incredible Hulk, it seems that Norton still holds a special place in his heart for the character and is not ruling out a Hulk comeback entirely.  When asked about his current status with Marvel, he told ComingSoon.net:

There’s always been an agenda I think to unspool a lot of the Marvel Universe and then come back… I think they’ve got a lot of new stuff that they’re rolling out and then I think at some point they’re going to figure out how they want to get around to ‘Avengers.’

Further supporting the notion that it will mostly depend on how exactly Marvel wants to continue to introduce all of the characters in The Avengers, Norton gave a very similar response to Cinematical:

It has got more to do with what Marvel is doing. I get the sense they have this grand vision of unspooling a lot of their characters and then starting to put them together. I think they can only do so many at a time. Obviously, they are doing Iron Man 2 and then getting some of the new ones out.

Many are suggesting that this is an absolute “no” from Norton. In my opinion, based on the interviews I’ve read, there seems to be an undertone that Edward Norton would love to revisit the character.   He continues to be disappointed with the direction Marvel took with The Incredible Hulk, but is not completely closed off to another possible go at it.  I personally believe that most fans would love to see Norton in The Avengers and Marvel will ultimately act on it.  Seeing as how The Avengers will not actually be hitting movie screens until May 4, 2012, they still have time to make some serious decisions.

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