Will Ferrell Is a Drama Teacher Who Loves Drama in Cut ‘SNL’ Sketch

     November 25, 2019

If you’ve ever been a drama and/or theater kid, this cut for time SNL sketch may cut deep. Will Ferrell returned to the Saturday Night Live stage this past weekend, and one of the sketches that didn’t make it to air finds him playing a drama/theatre teacher who relishes in toying with his students as they anxiously await the cast list for their next musical production.

Ferrell is excellent here as a flamboyant, cruel teacher who knows exactly what each of his students wants and how to push their buttons. There’s the overzealous lead; the girl who’s sure the teacher hates her; the girl who never gets any lines; the kid who wants anything but the role with only two lines. The sketch even makes time for a terrific cameo from the beloved choreographer (Kenan Thompson) and the colorful tech director (Kate McKinnon). Mikey Day is particularly great here as the aforementioned overzealous lead.

Again, if you’ve ever been a theater kid, this one’s going to his hard. Enjoy below, and if you missed Ryan Reynolds crashing Ferrell’s monologue, click here.