Watch Will Ferrell Go Through a Spicy Case of Emotion on ‘Hot Ones’

     February 21, 2020


Consider Julia Louis-Dreyfus lucky. Beyond the obvious reasons (SeinfeldVeep, being one of the funniest humans alive), she was home sick when it was time for her and Downhill co-star Will Ferrell to appear on Hot Ones, the viral web-series where celebrities answer questions while eating increasingly spicy chicken wings. So Ferrell had to suffer alone. And suffer… he did.

Armed with only glasses of water and milk, Ferrell answered the deep and engaging questions from host Sean Evans while putting his mouth and tongue through an absolute barn-burner of intensely spicy sauces and flavors. At first, things seem fine, with Ferrell enjoying the beginning spices and answering questions about his improv background — plus, he’s got the scoop that Jerry Seinfeld actually drives the cars on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee! But when the spice index increases… look out. It’s fascinating to watch Ferrell, one of our most committed comedy performers, do his best to stay present while fighting his obvious pain. Tears form in his eyes, milk goes down the gullet — but Ferrell does his damn best.

Watch Ferrell grin and bear his way through these spicy-ass wings below. For more Hot Ones madness, check out Paul Rudd and Stephen Colbert going through the gauntlet.

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