Will Ferrell Joins THE OFFICE For Four Episode Arc

     January 26, 2011


It looks like Steve Carell is getting a little help for his exit from NBC’s The Office this season. Will Ferrell has signed on to guest star on the sitcom for a four-episode arc. NBC has announced that the actor will be playing a branch manager who arrives from the home office and proves to be just as inappropriate as Carell’s character Michael. Executive producer Paul Liberstein, who also plays Toby on the show, had this to say regarding Ferrel’s involvement:

“We found Steve Carell when he was nothing but a movie star and we turned him into a television star. We are proud to continue ‘The Office’s’ tradition of discovering famous talent, and we hope that once America gets a good look at Will, they’ll see what we see: tremendous raw sexuality.”

Carell and Farrell are close friends, with the former getting one of his first big breaks in Ferrell’s Anchorman. Personally, I think the addition of Ferrell is a fantastic idea. Carell is set to make his exit from the show well before season’s end, and Ferrell’s inclusion will most certainly provide some much needed levity to the situation. For more on Carell’s Office exit, be sure to check out Steve’s interview with star Ed Helms from Sundance.