Watch: Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis Revive Unaired ‘SNL’ Sketch on ‘Late Night’

     February 15, 2019

Late Night with Seth Meyers brought back “Second Chance Theatre” this week, this time for a “so-stupid-it’s-hilarious” sketch involving Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis. For those unaware, “Second Chance Theatre” is a semi-regular segment that Seth Meyers created as a vehicle to showcase Saturday Night Live sketches that never made it to air, either because they were too weird, too silly, or too niche. Meyers knows many of these sketches well owing to his tenure on SNL not only as a cast member but as Head Writer, and so he welcomes former (and current) cast members to come on Late Night to finally put the sketch in front of cameras. Some of them had been pitched many times at SNL never to make it past the read-through, while others bombed in front of a live dress rehearsal audience, after which they were cut before the live show began.

This new installment hails from Forte and Sudeikis and sees them playing two members of a band called Jon Bovi, which sings Bon Jovi songs with opposite lyrics. For example, the lyrics to “Wanted” become “Unwanted! Alive or dead!” It’s a ridiculous premise that’s delightfully silly—just like a lot of Forte sketches. There’s an added bonus here in that the Jon Bovi sketch was a Weekend Update segment, so Meyers got the actual Weekend Update desk in his Late Night studio and sat behind it for the first time in many years to play off of Forte and Sudeikis. It’s a delight, and I love that Meyers is able to use Late Night as a vehicle for this kind of SNL “slightly inside baseball” comedy.

Below, check out Forte and Sudeikis explaining the backstory behind the sketch (with a humorous cameo from Fred Armisen), followed by the unaired sketch.


Image via NBC