Will Jackie Earl Haley Play Sinestro in Director Martin Campbell’s GREEN LANTERN?

     October 17, 2009

Jackie Earl Haley Green Lantern movie slice Sinestro.jpg

Hope all your power rings are charged up, residents of Sector 2814, because today I come bearing news from Oa as it appears “Green Lantern” director Martin Campbell is closing in on a cast to surround the ring bearer himself, Ryan Reynolds. While nothing is final at this point, a healthy rumor has come around suggesting that a certain geek god actor is in talks to play the greatest Green Lantern and Hal Jordan’s mentor, Sinestro. To find out who this might be, and for a few other emerald goodies, say your oath and hit the jump.

Jackie Earl Haley.jpgAccording to Harry over at Ain’t It Cool, the man rumored to be sporting the purple skin and widow’s peak of Sinestro is none other than the immensely talented Jackie Earl Haley. That’s right, Rorschach, Freddy Krueger, and now Sinestro. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is awesome casting for this character, that will allow Haley to stretch a little bit while still maintaining his creepy, villainous streak. I’m not spoiling anything by saying that although he begins as a Green Lantern and mentor to our hero, Sinestro does become Hal Jordan’s own arch nemesis, pitting his yellow power ring of fear against Jordan’s green ring of willpower, in “Green Lantern” canon. I mean, his name is Sinestro, that’s not a good guy’s name. Right now, it seems that Sinestro’s fall from grace is being saved for a later sequel, with only small hints to his inner darkness appearing in the first film.

“Green Lantern” is quickly becoming one of my most anticipated upcoming flicks, especially with talent like Martin Campbell backing up the charisma of Ryan Reynolds and the epic sci fi action possible within the “Green Lantern” universe. Sure, everyone has their little quirks and personal casting opinions, I myself think Reynolds would make a slightly better Kyle Rayner than Hal Jordan, and I always thought Hugo Weaving was a forgone conclusion for Sinestro, with Haley seeming perfect for the film’s direct antogonist, Hector Hammond, but what we seem to be getting is still looking to be incredible. We still have yet to hear who may be playing Jordan’s love interest Carol Ferris, and who could be voicing my personal favorite Green Lantern, Kilowog. There’s also a small matter of casting Clark Kent, who reportedly has a small cameo in the film. My vote goes to Brandon Routh on that front.

If handled correctly, and I know people are going to tear into me for this, “Green Lantern” has the potential to be a science fiction saga on par with the original “Star Wars”, or at least JJ Abrams’ “Star Trek” reboot. With Reynolds playing a swaggering, Han Solo-esque Hal Jordan, a universe filled with bizarre aliens, a weapon that can be used to create anything you can imagine, and an effective romance, this film has everything it needs to kick off the next huge franchise. Hopefully, the production’s recent setback after having to leave Australia won’t put things too far behind. At any rate, “Green Lantern” is shaping up to be a true force when it finally hits theaters, in brightest day or blackest night.


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