Will Mickey Rourke Take On Genghis Khan?

     April 23, 2010


What’s a guy to do after he’s already done battle with a fully armored Tony Stark in Iron Man 2, teamed up with Stallone and Schwarzenegger in The Expendables, and led his fellow Greek Gods in a revolt against mankind in Immortals (a.k.a. War of the Gods)?

Why, return to the battle, of course! It seems safe to say that Mickey Rourke is experiencing more than just a comeback. His career’s second life is proving to be even more substantial than its first.   In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, Rourke revealed he may be taking on the role of one of the most infamous conquerors in history of the world: Genghis Khan.   Hit the jump to find out what the always-eccentric Rourke had to say about his involvement in the film  (which is being penned and directed by John Milius of Red Dawn fame) and also, for some more insight into his awkward obsession with dogs.

mickey_rourke_02.jpgAlthough it’s not actually official, Rourke seemed really enthusiastic about taking on Milius’s script,

“I read his script and you know, the man is known for his tough writing. He wrote Conan and Dirty Harry and Apocalypse Now, and it’ll be interesting to see how he works behind the camera. I’m playing Genghis. John wrote it as a piece told from the son and grandson’s point of view, how they saw this mythic figure from their family. You see him in flashbacks, back when he was in his mid-40s. And back then, being in your mid-40s was being REALLY old.”

With Rourke as a choice to play Khan, the problem that immediately comes to mind is that Genghis Khan was Asian.  The last time I checked, Mickey Rourke was not.  This, however, does not seem to be of any concern to Rourke because, much like Genghis Khan, he is an excellent horseback rider:

“I rode quite a bit, back in the day. The horseback riding won’t be too much of a problem. I probably ride a horse better than I drive a car. There’s going to be some archery from horseback called for that I have to do, so that’ll be interesting, physically. I’ve got some very good stunt people that I work with almost exclusively.”

And another reason to completely forget about ethnicity is that fact that both Genghis Khan and Mickey Rourke love their dogs, apparently:

“One of the things I like about Genghis Khan was his love of dogs. The Mongols used dogs in battle, and dogs rarely made it out of the battle. But in one instance, in this script, he orders his men – ‘Hold the dogs back.’ He was looking out for the dogs. I like that.”

So to sum up, Mickey Rourke is not Asian, but he can pull off a mean horseback ride and and he really, really loves dogs.  Obviously, no further preparation to play the role of the creator and leader of the Mongol Empire will be necessary.  It’ll be really interesting to see if this rumor ends up being true.

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