Will Smith to Produce and Star in a Remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s SUSPICION

     February 26, 2010


Latino Review reports that Alfred Hitchock’s Suspicion is getting remade with Will Smith attached to star and produce.  I agree with scooper “Pinche Taco” when it comes to Hitchcock: he can be imitated, but never remade…-ed.  For those who don’t know, Hitchcock’s 1941 film starred Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine and was about a woman (Fontaine) who marries a man (Grant) whom she eventually suspects is trying to kill her.  Hitchcock’s film had a compromised ending where the studio demanded a “happy” conclusion.  While I’m not crazy about remaking any Hitchcock movie (Disturbia is the best yet simply because it’s not terrible), Suspicion is not among the director’s best and there’s room to do a fresh take (which would be a re-adaptation of the source material, Francis Iles’ 1932 novel Before the Fact).

Smith would play the Grant role and I support it simply because I want to see if he can play a bad guy.  He certainly has the charm the role requires, but he’s never played anything close to villain so I’d like to see him challenge himself as an actor in that respect.  As long as they don’t have Smith committing suicide via jellyfish, there’s hope.

Then again, Smith may do another movie instead.  He has plenty to choose from.  Hit the jump for just a few of the films he may do next.

will_smith_01.jpgSmith hasn’t done a project since 2008’s Seven Pounds and so his career has been hanging on a low note and everyone is waiting for what he’ll do next because he’s the last movie star.  There are plenty of actors on the “A-list”, but Smith is the only actor in Hollywood who can open a blockbuster movie that’s not a big-name property, is not a sequel, and has no other big name actors.  So if Smith is on board your flick and it’s not clear Oscar-bait (Pounds and Ali are his flops), you can clean up at the box office.

But he has yet to settle on a project.  Last month, we reported that he might team up with Denzel Washington for a remake of Uptown Saturday Night.  In November, we reported that he might team up with Steven Spielberg for a new adaptation of Flowers for Algernon.  And Smith has committed to returning for Men in Black 3 with Sony praying that they can start production this year (good luck with that).

So what’s Smith’s next move?  We’re all eager to find out, but Suspicion wouldn’t be a bad one.

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