Will Steve Carell Resign from THE OFFICE After Season Seven?

     April 28, 2010


How well can The Office function without Michael Scott running the place?  The NBC sitcom might soon have to find find out.  Season 6 of The Office ends next month, and star Steve Carell is currently only signed through season seven.  When a BBC Radio interviewer inquired whether Carell would sign on for more seasons, Carell responded, “I don’t think so.  I think [season 7] will probably be my last year.”  [via Office Tally].  After The 40 Year Old Virgin, Carell’s feature career took off–highlighted by the recent success of Date Night–so such comments aren’t too shocking.

It should be noted that The Office is by far NBC’s highest-rated scripted series, so it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.  It seems NBC has three options: lure Carell back with a major payday, hope the ensemble can carry the show without him, or replace him with a name actor who is still obtainable (à la Lawrence Fishburne coming to CSI).  Let’s assume the latter and start recommending actors who fit the bill.  Luke Wilson!  Brendan Fraser!  Wait, no, I’ve got it: Cuba Gooding Jr.!  Your turn.