‘The Eddy’ Won’t Be a Musical but It’s About Music, According to Its Screenwriter

     February 23, 2020


Upcoming Netflix miniseries The Eddy sounds pretty darn exciting if screenwriter Jack Thorne‘s latest comments are anything to go by.

Thorne, who has crafted the story at the heart of the Damien Chazelle-created miniseries, recently revealed in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter The Eddy is “not actually a musical. It’s a TV show about musicians, but nobody ever breaks out into song.” This is huge, especially considering the term “musical” has been integral to the vague descriptions about The Eddy we’ve had in the past. So, even though The Eddy won’t be “La La Land but make it Parisian,” it will still very much be tied to the music world as it follows various characters living in the French capital and performing in a club called The Eddy.

Even more interesting were Thorne’s insights on both his and Chazelle’s inspirations for the series. He explained to THR,


Image via Netflix

“The thing that really interested Damien was 1960s new wave. That’s what we were thinking about all the time, but it had to be contemporary. My dad was a town planner, and I’ve always been fascinated by urban planning, and the ring road in Paris is very interesting, the way that it excludes on financial and racial grounds a lot of Parisians. There’s sort of an inner circle of wealth. It’s not as hard line as this, but I’ve noticed it with London and it’s certainly true in New York. There’s something about Paris that is so interesting for that. So it’s about a jazz club on the outside, just outside the ring road. [It’s about] that relationship and how the city functions and the way that crime and music and survival all sort of intercede.”

Chazelle has directed two of the eight episodes in the Netflix miniseries starring Leïla Bekhti (A Prophet), André Holland (Moonlight), Joanna Kulig (Hanna), Liah O’Prey (Mary Queen of Scots), Tahar Rahim (Mary Magdalene), and Amandla Stenberg (The Hate U Give). Glen Ballard, the man behind Alanis Morissette‘s Jagged Little Pill musical and a writer on Michael Jackson‘s Thriller and Bad albums, and Randy Kerber, who has done musical work on over 800 films including Titanic, serve as The Eddy‘s composers.

The Eddy will be coming to Netflix soon. In the meantime, check out our round-up of the best TV shows on Netflix you can stream right now.