October 5, 2009


When you are white and feel liberal, cultured, and without prejudice, there’s an uncomfortable moment when you look around your circle of friends and see that everyone is the same race as you.  It’s not that you are aggressively racist, a closet racist, a passive racist, or even unconsciously prejudiced.  It’s just that we tend to group with those who are similar to us and as we grow older, it’s difficult to make new friends.  So in a GQ article from last November titled “Will You Be My Black Friend?”, writer Devin Friedman attempted to find a new black friend via his few black friends and Craigslist.  It’s a funny but cutting observation about the state of racial relationships in this country.  Let’s see…funny and cutting observations about racial relationships…Wouldn’t Chris Rock would be a perfect fit for a film adaptation of this article?  Wait, he’s gonna be in it?  Sweet.  Hit the jump for details.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rock is set to star in the film with Oprah Winfrey’s production Company, Harpo Films, producing.  Presumably, the adaptation will center on a white guy and a black guy who go through the awkwardness of forging a friendship despite racial and cultural barriers, with I assume Rock playing the lead.  I come to this conclusion because THR says Rock is “starring” so it can’t be a supporting role where he just advises his white friend how to make other black friends.

So now the question becomes who they cast as Friedman, or a character based on Friedman.  With Rock already on board, Harpo has already shown an understanding of the material and brought it to a black comedian whose work mirrors the themes of Friedman’s article.  Now the question is who’s a white comedian who would also have that sensibility.  If they get the right combination, then this will be a that I’ll follow almost as closely as I do StuffWhitePeopleLike.com.


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