William Hurt Says He Improv’d His Scene With Robert Downey Jr. in THE INCREDIBLE HULK and He’s Not in IRON MAN 2 or THOR

     February 19, 2010

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Earlier today I got to participate in a roundtable interview with William Hurt for his upcoming movie The Yellow Handkerchief.  While I’ll have a lot more on the film as it gets closer to release, one of things William Hurt discussed with us was his work on The Incredible Hulk and whether or not Marvel has asked him to reprise Gen. Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross on Iron Man 2 or Thor.

According to Hurt, he’s not in either film, but “if they call me I’ll answer.”

I’m not surprised to learn this, as his character doesn’t have a place in either film. But if the Hulk ends up in The Avengers, I wouldn’t be surprised to see General Ross return.

What was more interesting to learn earlier today was that everything he said at the end of The Incredible Hulk with Robert Downey Jr. was improv’d!  Hit the jump for more:

the_incredible_hulk_movie_image_william_hurt__1_.jpgDuring part of the interview, Hurt was talking about rehearsals and the importance of having time with your character. We then got to talking about Hulk and his scene with Downey Jr. He told us:

Hurt:  We improv’d that.  The entire scene had no lines written down. We did improv for that entire scene. We actually both had more of a script because of that and a feeling of more invention because of that.  So we could actually go, ‘okay, who do I think my character is…what would he say next. I haven’t a clue, let’s have a shot at it.’

What’s crazy about that scene is how many people have debated if it came before the events of Iron Man 2 or after. Many have tried to analyze everything that was said to see what Marvel is cooking up for The Avengers.  But now that Hurt has revealed everything was made up on the spot…I think it’s time to just enjoy the scene for what it is…a fun Iron Man cameo in another Marvel movie.

If you never saw The Incredible Hulk, after the end credits, there is an additional scene showing General Ross drinking in a bar when Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), enters.  Stark then tells Ross a “team” is being put together. Many have inferred  this is about The Avengers.

Even knowing the scene was made up on the spot…it’s still awesome.


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