William Monahan Boards THE ESSEX

     March 27, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

William Monahan must have hypergraphia (look it up) because it seems like we can’t go more than ninety days without hearing about him coming on board a new project. Since Monahan is a great screenwriter, that’s nothing to complain about. But in addition to “London Boulevard” (which will also be his directorial debut), “The Art of the Heist”, John Grisham’s “The Associate”, and potentially a remake of the Korean film “Chaser” with Leonardo DiCaprio. In his spare time he hand-copies the Bible like Benedictine monks.

Unfortunately, The Gospel of John will have to wait since Variety is reporting that Monahan has written the script for “The Essex” which is a historical drama about Capt. David S. Porter and his daring sea battles against the British during the War of 1812. I hope the script is filled with jokes referring to Andrew Jackson murdering people in duels. If not, it will still probably be the goods as Variety explains why Porter is kind of a big deal: “At a time when the ships of the British Royal Navy heavily outnumbered the American naval fleet, Porter steered the Essex past British cruisers to reach the Pacific, where it devastated the British whaling fleet before engaging in a final battle with a special Brit squadron.”

That’s right. He saved the whales. And America. You’re welcome.

While we wait for this film which will sure bring hippies and rednecks together, Monahan’s most recently completed film, “Edge of Darkness” (directed by “Casino Royale’s” Martin Campbell) will hit theatres this Fall and “London Boulevard” is set to shoot this summer with Keira Knightley and Colin Farrell. By that time, Monahan will be writing every film set to come out for the next three years.

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