William Shatner “Sings” Cee Lo’s “Fuck You”

     November 4, 2010


On Lopez Tonight, guest William Shatner got up and “sang” some of Cee Lo’s fantastic song, “Fuck You”.  I put “sang” in quotation marks because Shatner’s version was the loosest interpretation of the word “singing” I can image.  His rendition of “Rocket Man” had more musicality.  And as far as “Let’s get Shatner to say something crazy on a late-night show,” his beat-poetry of Sarah Palin’s tweets on Conan’s The Tonight Show was much better.

Hit the jump to check out Shatner “singing” Cee Lo’s “Fuck You”.  I’ve also included the music video for “Fuck You” if for some reason you haven’t heard the best song of the millennium.


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