William Shatner to Lead TV Series Based off Twitter User “Shit My Dad Says”

     February 19, 2010


THR reports that William Shatner has signed on to star in the TV series adaptation of the popular Twitter account, ShitMyDadSays.  The account was started by Justin Halpern who had moved back in with his parents and then tweeted the colorful and profane statements made by his 73-year-old father.  I’ve read the feed but don’t find it funny.  It’s an old guy cursing.  It’s not even clever cursing or offensive observations.

But THR classifies the father as “larger-than-life” and Shatner has always been adept at playing those kinds of characters.  With Shatner now attached, CBS has given the greenlight to a pilot.  I still think this show is an awful idea, especially since A) it’s CBS so the cursing part is out already, and B) as much as I love How I Met Your Mother, CBS refuses to let its sitcoms give up the laugh track so essentially it sounds like they’re doing a shitty, half-assed remake of All in the Family.