Willis and Schwarzenegger Are Officially EXPENDABLE!

     August 19, 2009


It’s been rumored for a while now that action movie gods Bruce “John McClane” Willis and Arnold “20 Other Awesome Characters” Schwarzenegger would have small roles in Sly Stallone’s upcoming slice of bad ass nirvana, “The Expendables”. However, now we have confirmation from Willis himself that he and the Governator will not only appear, but share the screen together with Stallone. That’s right, Schwarzenegger, Willis, and Stallone all on screen together. This may be the event that causes the world to explode, and it will have been worth it. Hit the jump for all the explosive, bloody deets.

the_expendables_cannes_posters_slice_01.jpg/Film is reporting that Willis has confirmed not only that he will appear in the film, but who that character is. Willis will play Mr. Church, a government agent who hires Stallone’s team of Expendables to take out a renegade South American dictator. Apparently, the role was first offered to Schwarzenegger, who had to turn it down for a smaller role due to his political responsibilities. Now Schwarzenegger will be playing the role of a “retired Lieutenant General of the Expendables”.  Willis says that he has not yet read any script pages and is “waiting for a call from Sly,” but that he is definitely doing it and is very excited for it.

As most probably already know, “The Expendables” is the story of a team of mercenaries made up of Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, Jason Statham, and Randy Couture who are sent on the missions everyone else thinks are suicide. Stallone wrote, directs, and stars in the flick as the leader of the team. The film centers on the team being sent out to South America to exterminate an evil dictator, and end up having to face an old friend turned foe.

I have to admit, as excited as I am to Tarrantino’s “Inglorious Basterds”, this is the team up of bad asses that I’m really anticipating, which is interesting considering the grouping of action stars making up “The Expendables” was the approach Quentin has been pitching for his WWII flick since after “Pulp Fiction” in the early nineties. That movie and the Schwarzenegger starring “Sergeant Rock” flick that actually mutated into “Predator” back in the eighties are the two greatest action movies never made, and here we have “The Expendables” filling the gap left by their absence. This is going to be crack for action fans, the last battle yell of a genre that we all thought had peaked. Let’s just hope the producers give us the R rated cut in theaters.

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