Backup and Digitize DVD Movies to MP4 with WinX DVD Ripper

     August 4, 2020

This article is presented by WinX DVD Ripper.

Streaming services are now the way most media is consumed, but they’re increasingly unreliable. The content available depends on various license deals, and there’s never a guarantee you can watch exactly what you want, when you want. Which is why physical media is more valuable now than ever.

Physical media ensures you own the content you consume, and decide when, how, and where you watch it. But the way in which we consume movies and TV shows is largely online, so digitizing your DVD movies and TV shows with the WinX DVD Ripper successfully bridges the gap between the two. Not to mention, digitizing home movies and personal videos stored on DVDs ensures their longevity and ease of access. No more need to worry about damaging that DVD containing priceless memories.

Backing up your DVDs to ISO, digital and/or MP4 makes sure the high quality image will carry over – no need to worry about your Wi-Fi connection or buffering while trying to stream. These digitized files can also be saved on a USB, hard drive, or cloud for ease of access, and of course MP4 allows playback on your laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, Xbox, PSP, Roku, Plex, etc.

winx-image-2And with the WinX DVD Ripper, you can backup and digitize all types of DVD movies, including old and/or damaged DVDs, 99-title DVDs, TV shows, and more.

It only takes five minutes to rip a feature-length DVD using Level-3 hardware acceleration technology. And of course, the 1:1 quality ratio ensure no loss of quality when transferring your DVD to a digital file. All the DVD information – including the menu, DVD titles, subtitle tracks, and audio tracks – will be fully retained during the ripping process. Something not all DVD rippers can guarantee.

You can download the free WinX DVD Ripper right now, which is compatible with Windows 10/8/7/XP, and you can get a free license to activate the WinX DVD Ripper to backup your entire DVD library or digitize any DVD to MP4 and a variety of video formats.

It’s an incredibly simple process as well. You merely load in your DVD disc, choose the output format from the profile window, and hit “run” to start converting.

For a closer look at WinX DVD Ripper, check out the video below.

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