Henry Cavill Shares Pic of ‘Witcher’ Season 2 Makeup with “Casually Open Robe”

     August 20, 2020


Let’s be blunt: It’s nice to watch Henry Cavill do things. Whether it’s announcing Snyder Cuts, building a computer, or playing Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher, Cavill is just an appealing screen presence. Now that season two of that fantasy video game adaptation is back in production, Cavill has taken it upon himself to share what it takes to make himself up as Geralt, posting a makeup chair pic to his Instagram. Please refrain from tossing coins at your device.

As fans of the show and/or video game will know, Geralt has a long, flowing, white mane of hair atop his head. For the first season, Cavill’s wig involved a bald cap base. Not so this go around, as Cavill explains in his caption:


Image via Netflix

No bald cap this year. Just pounds of 2 types of medical tape and some glue…. Removal is a joy. Jacqui and Ailbhe here, though, have the deft touch of angels. Jacqui more so an Angel of Vengeance, but that’s all part of her charm.

Oh and for those who may be worrying. All of us are Covid cleared and bubbled 👍🏻. We get tested twice a week up here in Kaer Morhen!

I guess the rumors are true: Fantastical worlds with life-or-death battles have a better healthcare system than the majority of America (for the record and jealous snark aside, The Witcher season 2 is filming in London, and after a COVID-related hiatus, I’m glad to hear they’re proceeding safely).

Check out Cavill’s makeup chair pic below, and luxuriate in the splendor of his casual use of the hashtag #CasuallyOpenRobe. For more on The Witcher, here’s the intel on a Netflix prequel series.