Exclusive ‘Wolf Creek’ Season One Clip Sets a Trap in the Outback

     November 9, 2017


Back in 2005, director Greg McLean made his directorial debut with the lean, mean slasher thriller Wolf Creek, which quickly earned a reputation as one of the more sadistic, disturbing horror films on the market — no mean feat in a decade that introduced mainstream audiences to the realm of torture horror. Wolf Creek‘s secret weapon was the character of Mick Taylor (John Jarratt), a calculating maniacal murderer, who gets his thrills hunting tourists in the Australian outback. Good ol’ Uncle Mick was terrifying enough to spawn a sequel, and most recently, a horror series of the same name.

The series originally aired on the Australian streaming Network Stan, but good news for stateside horror fans, Wolf Creek Shudder scooped up the series and it debuts on the horror streaming service today. To celebrate the launch, we’ve got an exclusive clip from the series, and you won’t catch sight Mick, you will meet his latest would-be prey, Eve (Lucy Fry), and as you can see, she seems like a bit of a badass who might not make such easy pickings for the huntsman. There’s also a scene-stealing appearance from a very good dog, worth the price of admission alone.

Watch our exclusive clip below and head over to Shudder to watch the first season.

Here’s the official logline for Wolf Creek Season 1:

“Based on the hit film series Murdering psychopath Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) returns to wreak havoc in Wolf Creek– except this time things are different: this time the victim fights back. Mick chooses a family on vacation in Northern Australia to terrorize and destroy, but that is merely the inciting incident to a much larger story.”