Collider Crash Course: The History of Wolverine Explained

     February 27, 2017

With Logan hitting theaters this weekend, fans are eager to dig their adamantium claws into the newest adaptation of the Wolverine. The success of last year’s hit comic book comedy Deadpool granted Logan the ability to have a hardcore R rating, finally giving the fans a well-deserved representation of the rage-fueled mutant. And while Hugh Jackman has teased many times that this may be the last time we see his portrayal of the Wolverine, it’s hard to come to terms with such an idea considering the multiple appearances he’s made all throughout the X-Men film franchise. Starting all the way back in 2000’s X-Men, Jackman has set a record for playing the same comic book character for almost two decades. Whether you believe this will be his last performance or not, you cannot deny his impact on the franchise has been something spectacular.

Despite seeing the Wolverine’s origins on film — even if you reject that timeline, or just specifically the Origins movie  — you may still have questions about how closely that holds up to the origins as portrayed in the comics. Where exactly does Logan, a.k.a. James Howlett, come from? When and how did he officially become the Wolverine, and what was his journey like before becoming one of the most iconic X-Men of all time? Crash Course is here to help you find out!

Crash Course is a weekly series that takes the viewers to school, breaking down and discussing the many elements that go into a film’s history or a specific property that many may not be aware of. Whether it’s in a galaxy far, far away or part of the many superhero cinematic universes, Crash Course is here to make sure viewers are fully educated before the next big movie release.

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Image via Ben Rothstein, 20th Century Fox

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