Bryan Singer Says Wolverine Will Not Appear in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

     November 2, 2010


You know it is a slow day when a cabbie’s FaceBook status sparks rumors that Hugh Jackman, currently beefing up for the second Wolverine flick, will also appear in Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class. We did not report on that little bit of “news” because, well, it did not have a ton of merit. The rumors went something like, ‘Hugh Jackman was near the set of First Class, which means he might be in the film.’ So, when The Geek Files (via CBM) spoke with producer Bryan Singer about Jackman’s possible role in First Class, we got a definite answer that should quiet that terrible rumor.

“He’s not in the movie,” Singer said. “He’s in the Wolverine movies.” A Fox spokesperson also added that First Class has not even started filming in Georgia. All of this lends itself to the thought that Jackman visited the set, but did not do much else. I have heard nothing but backlash to the possibility of Jackman reprising his role as Wolverine in First Class. What do you think? Would Jackman’s involvement spark your interest in the film or do you want him to stay away from this?

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