Is This a Poster for THE WOLVERINE?

     March 20, 2012


Earlier today we got a good look at Hugh Jackman on the set of Les Miserables doing his best hobo impression, but now a poster has surfaced that’s purported to be from his upcoming return to badassery. This poster for The Wolverine teases the Japan setting, and definitely looks like it could be official, but we’ve received no word from 20th Century Fox either way. It’s possible that this is simply production artwork that someone took a picture of, or it could be entirely fanmade. Whatever the case, it’s pretty cool and definitely worth a gander.

Hit the jump to take a look at the poster. Under the direction of James Mangold (3:10 to Yuma), filming on The Wolverine is set to get underway later this year once Jackman wraps Les Miserables. The Wolverine opens on July 26th, 2013

Poster via Screen Rant.


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