Set Photos of Hugh Jackman from THE WOLVERINE in the “Canadian Rockies”

     August 2, 2012


While these might not be the most flattering set photos of Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine, fans couldn’t care less.  We already brought you some concept art and set photos from a “Japanese prisoner of war camp,” but now we have some images from the set in the “Canadian Rockies.”  While these photos are actually from the shoot taking place in Australia, it’s been suggested that The Wolverine is following Frank Miller’s early storyline which puts the eventual X-Man in the frozen north tracking a man-eating Grizzly Bear.  Hit the jump to see the behind-the-scenes shots.

Thanks to CBM for the heads up on the set photos.  They also provided a bit of insight into the reason for the Canadian setting.  In Miller and Chris Claremont’s Wolverine storyline, the titular character discovers that the mad Grizzly had been poisoned by a local hunter.  Using his heightened tracking skills, Logan traces the hunter back to a local bar where a ruckus ensues.  Twenty bucks on who wins.  Check out the photos below and be sure to head over to CBM for the rest:

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