‘Wonder Woman 1984’s Extended CCXP Trailer Had A Lot More Action, Here What We Saw

     December 9, 2019

Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins brought down the house at CCXP when they debuted the first Wonder Woman 1984 trailer for the fans. But since the trailer immediately went live online after, they did the audience one better and screened an exclusive extended trailer just for the fans in São Paulo. Right before the trailer dropped, Gadot revealed that the version we were about to watch included a full extra minute of footage. So what was in it?

The extra minute of footage was primarily comprised of extended versions of a couple of action scenes. Up to about the 1:20 mark, both trailers are the same, right up to the scene where Diana and Steve head to the White House to take on Max Lord (Pedro Pascal).


Image via Warner Bros.

In the version screened at CCXP, the action sequence goes on considerably longer. Dianna uses the Lasso of Truth to rope in Max Lord. “Aren’t you resourceful?” says Pascal’s villain when he turns around to see Diana and Steve coming for him. “Remove this woman permanently,” he commands his bodyguards, who open fire on the heroes without hesitation.

Diana makes good work deflecting the bullets with her bracelets, but one of the bullets clips her on the arm and Steve grabs a silver tray, using it as a shield to take the fire as he throws them into a nearby room. We get a glimpse of Diana’s shoulder wound, but it takes a lot more than that to keep Wonder Woman down and she’s back in action in flash. (In case you’re wondering if this version of Wonder Woman is bulletproof, Jenkins explicitly told us after the first movie that she is definitely not and can be killed with bullets “She’s not bulletproof but she’s not easily killed by it, she heals very quickly but she can be killed,” Jenkins explained.”)

Diana throws her tiara out in the hallway boomerang style as a weapon, knocking down some guards before she snaps it back on her head and bounds back into the hallway for a kinetic, graceful fight scene (there are glimpses at this intercut into the online trailer). She spins her lasso at super-speed, knocking over a guard, bounding through Lord’s defenses with gymnastic agility and balletic poise.


Image via Warner Bros.

The scene moves into a nearby room, where Diana advances on Lord and almost gets him until something knocks her back. It’s Cheetah, aka Diana’s old friend Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig) and this is a different-looking version of the character than what was shown in the trailer. Here we see Wiig walk out of the darkness, with long bleach-blonde hair, thigh-high tan boots, and an animal-print sort of skirt suit ensemble. It’s just a glimpse, but this is definitely Cheetah in villain mode, though not fully transformed into the catsuit look.

The other key differences were seen in the highway action sequence, which is just barely glimpsed in the online trailer. The scene continues after we see Diana jump over the flipping truck, keeping both Diana and Steve in action on the speeding highway. Diana is seen holding on to two vehicles at the same time (which has a bit of Captain America holding a helicopter vibes), but the big moment comes when a baddie fires at Steve, and Diana uses her Lasso to snatch the bullet out of the line of fire just in time. Between this shot and the lightning bolt, the Lasso of Truth is clearly getting some upgraded action beats in 1984.

Wonder Woman 1984 arrives in theaters on June 5, 2020. For more, check out our DC Movies release date calendar and stay tuned for more Wonder Woman news out of CCXP.

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