First ‘Wonder Woman 84’ Footage Takes a Peak-80s Trip to the Mall at SDCC

     July 21, 2018


Wonder Woman will lasso audiences back into theaters next year, and with Wonder Woman 2 now in production, director Patty Jenkins hit the Hall H stage at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday to tease Wonder Woman 1984 alongside stars Chris Pine and Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot.

We didn’t get a peek at the new characters being portrayed by Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal, and mum was the word on how Pine will return as Steve Trevor after the events of the first film, but the trio was keen to talk about why they wanted to return to the world of Wonder Woman and how they plan to top the first film with the 80s-set follow-up. “She is more us than most superheroes,” Jenkins explained, marveling at how audience members of every shape, size, age and race relate to the golden hearted hero.


Image via Warner Bros.

The sequel just rolled into production earlier this summer so Warner Bros. didn’t have a trailer to share yet, but they did bring a little, tiny sneak peek’s worth of footage showing the fan-favorite hero back in action. The first film brought a little brightness into the DCEU, focusing on the relentless positivity and loving nature of the Amazonian hero, and it looks like the sequel is leaning full-tilt into frothy wholesomeness.

The brief clip opened in a mall, where Diana leaps into action surrounded by punchy, neon (oh-so-80s) colors. A young girl is snacking on some mall concessions and sees her, and she let’s out an adorable little “Oh my gosh!” She’s so busy looking at her hero, she doesn’t see the two bad guys, fully locked and loaded. Diana scoops up the kid and slides her across the floor to safety, where she gently lands in the arms of a giant teddy bear and giggles.


Image via Warner Bros.

Back to Wonder Woman, who gives the goons a disappointed, disapproving look and crushes their guns, one in each hand. She double lassos them and jumps over the mall balcony in a classic superhero exit. Just before the end of the footage, we got a peek at Wonder Woman charging full speed down a city street (it’s that scene you probably saw filming in those set videos), and she is just booking it.

This is undeniably a different vibe for the DCEU films to date, brighter than ever and almost a little silly, to be honest. Wonder Woman 1984 is full-blast goodness and positivity, with a candy-coated 1980s polish. As for the setting, Jenkins explained that eras act as metaphors and the 80s were in many ways humanity at its best and worst. “It was grand and wonderful with great music, at the same time we were revealing the worst of us,” Jenkins said, point to the Cold War and threats of nuclear escalation as some examples of the latter.

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