‘Wonder Woman 2’: Patty Jenkins in Final Talks to Land Historic Directing Deal

     August 18, 2017


Ever since Wonder Woman blew up at the box office and became a worldwide success, fans have been wondering if Patty Jenkins would return to the director’s chair for the sequel. While all signs looked positive, nothing was confirmed, and even Comic-Con passed without an official announcement. Then we got a release date for the sequel, but still no word on Jenkins coming back.

Today, it finally looks like Jenkins is back on board. Deadline reports that she is in final negotiations to helm Wonder Woman 2, and if she signs on, it will be quite the payday. In fact, Deadline says that the reason negotiations have taken so long is that Jenkins, aware of her strong bargaining position, has held out for a better deal. It now looks like she’ll not only be paid substantially more than she got for the first film, but she’ll get the same as any male director who helms a box office smash.


Image via Warner Bros

While the exact payday isn’t known, here’s how the deal usually shakes out according to Deadline:

Typically, according to sources, a frosh director on a comic book movie gets $1.5M to $3M, while a director in the realm of Zack Snyder (who is helming DC’s Justice League) received $10M against 10% cash break even for his second DC film Man of Steel. (That’s usually paid out as 20% during pre-production, 60% during production, 10% during post and 10% following).

If the deal goes through, Jenkins will undoubtedly receive the highest payday ever for a female director, and she more than deserves it. Furthermore, her standing her ground and demanding to be paid what a man would get for a superhero sequel helps set a standard for other female directors. Now if other women have the same kind of success at the box office, they have a stronger position and can point to Jenkins’ deal as an example of what they should be paid.

Wonder Woman 2 opens December 13, 2019.

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