‘Wonder Woman’ Director Patty Jenkins Talks about Her Hopes for the Sequel [Updated]

     June 29, 2017


Update: Patty Jenkins has tweeted out the following in response to our story:

Original story below:

After directing the worldwide smash that is Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman, you’d think that it would be a foregone conclusion that Patty Jenkins would return to the helm of the inevitable sequel. But it’s been about a month since the film’s record-breaking debut and we’ve yet to hear official confirmation that Jenkins will be back. That fact has clearly been on the in-vogue director’s mind.

During a recent screening of Wonder Woman, and in the Q&A that followed, Jenkins confessed that she’s come to a sort of understanding about her role in the success of the film and her unique opportunity to continue the story. Jenkins also happens to be in a fantastic position to bargain with studio brass since she was only contracted for one film going into Wonder Woman‘s release. Star Gal Gadot, however, is attached for a follow-up, meaning that Jenkins would be returning to work with a cast and crew that already found success during production. It’d be insane not to bring Jenkins back.


Image via Warner Bros

Here’s what Jenkins told the cheering crowd at the Women in Film screening (via Advocate):

“I had an epiphany about Wonder Woman 2. I was like, you don’t have to do this. It doesn’t have to be a foregone conclusion that you do Wonder Woman 2. But then as I was falling asleep I had an epiphany. I was like, Wait a minute. You have the greatest character of all time that you love dearly, with a cast that you love sitting at the palm of your hand at this day and age — you can do whatever you want with them — are you crazy?And then I suddenly realized, it’s not more, it’s another movie. It’s its own movie. And it’s got to be great.


It’s a continuation of the same character, but there’s a great, entirely different story to be told. With this character in our—in the world, that’s fun, because now she exists, just funny, and also says something profound about the world we’re in right now.”

Though it’s far from an official confirmation, Jenkins certainly seems convinced that she’s back for Wonder Woman 2. And while it doesn’t tell us much about the sequel, it suggests that the story will take place in the modern era rather than a blast from our historical past. Expect Justice League to give us some sort of hint of where Diana’s story might be going.

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