‘Wonder Woman’ Just Passed ‘Batman v Superman’ to Become the Highest Grossing DCEU Movie

     June 30, 2017


When it comes to the domestic box office, Wonder Woman lords over all. Skating on rapturous reviews, highly positive word of mouth, and a true breakthrough to the zeitgeist, Wonder Woman has now officially become the highest grossing movie domestically in the DC Extended Universe so far. For those keeping track the DCEU officially begins with Man of Steel, and with a domestic total of $330.533 million going into the holiday weekend (per Forbes), Wonder Woman has now surpassed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s $330.366 million to come out on top.

Director Patty Jenkins’ origin story is still going strong, so the domestic total is far from over—meaning that Batman v Superman record is going to be dust sooner rather than later. Here’s how the rest of the DCEU totals stack up domestically:

Wonder Woman – $330.533 million

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – $330.366 million

Suicide Squad – $325.100 million

Man of Steel – $291.045 million


Image via Warner Bros.

Talks are well underway for Wonder Woman 2, and the success of this film will no doubt have an impact on the DCEU going forward. Joss Whedon is currently directing reshoots on Justice League, taking over for Zack Snyder who left to tend to a personal matter, and I’d be surprised if we don’t see plenty of Wonder Woman in that film. Aquaman is also currently filming down in Australia with James Wan directing, and DC Films co-head Geoff Johns has already singled out Wonder Woman’s fun, hope, and optimism as signposts for the DCEU going forward.

Internationally Wonder Woman still has a bit to go to become the highest worldwide grosser in the DCEU. Unsurprisingly, this superhero movie with a female lead is having a bit of a harder time getting play in certain territories, but it’s grossed $335.800 million internationally so far, which is still excellent. Even more impressive is that, in a day and age where studio blockbusters normally make most of their money internationally, Wonder Woman’s domestic and international split is nearly 50/50.

Here’s how the worldwide totals look right now:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – $873.260 million

Suicide Squad – $745.600 million

Man of Steel – $668.045 million

Wonder Woman – $663.648 million

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