‘Wonder Woman’ Rockets to $11 Million on Its Opening Night

     June 2, 2017


Wonder Woman is going to make a lot of money. Yesterday, we reported that the film was tracking to pull in at least $95 million over its opening weekend, and it’s well on track after scoring $11 million from its opening night showings.

That gives the film one record already: it’s the highest opening night gross for a film by a female director. The record was previously held by Sam Taylor-Johnson, whose Fifty Shades of Grey netted $8.6 million on its opening night. By the time the weekend is over, Patty Jenkins will probably also hold the record for biggest opening weekend by a female director.


Image via Warner Bros.

To put Wonder Woman’s accomplishment in perspective with regards to other superhero films, the film’s opening out-grossed Doctor Strange ($9.4M), Ant-Man ($6.4M), Thor ($3.2M), and Captain America: The First Avenger ($4M). However, it should be noted that Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger both opened in 2011, back when opening night was usually kept to midnight screenings. After the Aurora shooting in 2012 at The Dark Knight Rises, studios started moving up screenings to earlier in the evening, ostensibly for security reasons, but it certainly doesn’t hurt their bottom line.

Nevertheless, $11 million is nothing to scoff at, especially for a film that’s a solo debut as opposed to a team-up movie like Batman v Superman or even Suicide Squad. It should be interesting to see how far positive word of mouth carries the movie over the weekend along with repeat viewings for people who want to see Wonder Woman do her thing.

Also, anyone who claims that there’s not a market for female-led superhero movies or that women shouldn’t direct blockbusters can shut up forever.

How much do you think Wonder Woman will make over the weekend? Give us your predictions in the comments section.

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