‘Wonder Woman’ Opening Box Office Predictions Range from $65 Million to $105 Million

     May 11, 2017


Warner Bros. latest installment in the DCEU, Wonder Woman, is due to open in theaters in less than a month. Director Patty Jenkins‘ take on the famous DC Comics hero, as played by Gal Gadot, starts its international rollout on May 31st before opening Stateside on June 2nd. But just what kind of opening weekend is in store for the Amazon warrior princess?

Normally, the folks who track trends and box office numbers have a fairly narrow range of expectations for debuts, somewhere within the plus or minus $10 million range. Wonder Woman is currently boasting a range anywhere from $65 million to $105 million, a wide swath that does not sound very encouraging when you consider that, even at the high end of estimates, it would be a series-low debut for the DCEU. However, the fact that the range is so broad should also suggest that folks don’t really have a solid idea on just how well (or how poorly) Wonder Woman is going to perform.

wonder-woman-box-office-predictionDeadline is one of the sites reporting a $65 million debut, with odds favoring a likely climb up to $75 million the closer we get to release. THR reports the same estimates. That’s a solid number on par with the first installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thor and Captain America films, though Wonder Woman is opening at a time when superhero cinema has become the norm. A $65 million debut would be better than the MCU’s Ant-Man and the less-connected The Incredible Hulk.

The Wrap is bringing in outlier estimates around $105 million while Screenrant is pulling a $115 million estimate from ~ somewhere ~, which would put Wonder Woman in the range of Man of Steel and its $116 million-plus debut. Their sources say Warner Bros. brass are aiming for a $100 million opener. Cinemablend calls a possible $83 million debut “disappointing” compared to recent, similar outings.

Forbes is the sole adult amongst these reports, posing the question, “How Big Is Big Enough?” In other words, even if Wonder Woman doesn’t out-earn the other movies in the DCEU or the well-established and super-hyped fare from the MCU, does that mean a sub-$116 million performance is a disappointment? As long as it outperforms Green Lantern, it’ll be a win.

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