‘Wonder Woman’: Is Lucy Davis Playing Etta Candy in New Set Photos?

     February 23, 2016


As Gal Gadot continues filming her solo Wonder Woman movie, the roles are still unclear for some of the cast members. We know that Chris Pine is playing Steve Trevor and Gladiator star Connie Nielsen is playing Diana’s mother and ruler of the Amazons, Queen Hippolyta, but what about, say, Robin Wright, David Thewlis, and the like? Today brings a possible reveal of Lucy Davis’ role, which seems to be that of Etta Candy.

In the comics, Etta is Diana’s first real friend when the Amazonian strongwoman enters man’s world for the first time. She’s originally depicted as a plump woman with a vibrant, sassy personality who would constantly eat candy. After assisting Diana, she eventually became secretary to General Phil Darnell and at one point Diana’s roommate. Some comic book story lines saw her disguising herself as Wonder Woman and fighting against Cheetah and other villains.


Image via Warner Bros.

Based on the new set photos (via Yahoo Movies U.K.), Davis looks unrecognizable in her costume and prosthetics, which seem to all but confirm the actress for Etta. The Office star is shown walking beside Gadot’s Diana on the London square set for a scene involving extras waving around Union flags in front of signs that celebrate the end of “The Great War.”

Not much known about the plot of Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins, though Gadot teased in DC’s TV special on The CW earlier this year that the film will see Diana coming of age and entering the world outside of her home on Themyscira. Elsewhere, DC’s Geoff Johns teased this is the story of what and why Diana does what she does.

Gadot will make her debut as the character in next month’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice before her solo film drops on June 23rd, 2017. With principal photography on Justice League: Part One commencing on April 11th, it seems the actress will move right into the big DC team-up after production on Wonder Woman ends.

Check out Davis’ look in the new set photos below, via Twitter:


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