‘Wonder Woman’: Over 50 Things to Know about the Iconic Superhero’s New Movie

     March 6, 2017


I need Wonder Woman to be good. I want every movie I see to be good, but if they’re not, I shrug off the disappointment and go about my business. But the stakes for Wonder Woman are so much higher. While there have been a couple of female-led superhero movies (Catwoman and Elektra), neither was good, and neither character was all that popular to begin with. Wonder Woman is an icon, and there’s no bigger female superhero in the genre. She’s been around for over 75 years, and she was always intended as a feminist hero, able to show strength and love in equal measure. I need the movie to do justice to that legacy and the ideals she’s carried in her best stories. I need the movie to do well so that Hollywood knows that there’s an audience for superhero stories led by women.

In February 2016, some fellow journalists and I visited the set of Patty JenkinsWonder Woman in London. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hadn’t come out yet, so all we knew of the character was what we had seen in the trailers. When we arrived on set, we were walked through basically the entire plot of the film, which I won’t divulge here or any other spoilers about the film.

Here are over 50 things to know about Wonder Woman:


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