Woody Allen Returns to Paris and Acting in Sophie Lellouche’s First Movie PARIS MANHATTAN

     April 3, 2011

Woody Allen Films in Paris slice

A few hours before Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz band took the stage at the Grand Rex on Saturday night, the director was busy filming another movie in Paris. But this time, he was in front of the camera.

Between 4 and 5pm, Allen filmed a scene for French director Sophie Lellouche’s first movie Paris Manhattan in front of the Plaza Athénée hotel on the chic Avenue Montaigne, near the famed Avenue des Champs-Elysées.  So what is his rôle?  Hit the jump to find out.

woody_allen_imageThe 75-year-old filmmaker, who last acting role was in his own movie Scoop in 2006, plays himself in a romcom about a young pharmacist (Alice Taglioni) who is totally obsessed with him, reports Le Parisien. She continually quotes lines from his films and even gives her customers DVDs of his movies instead of medication. It’s no wonder that she is still single in her 30s. Her family is so worried that they are hoping a man – played by singer/actor patrick Bruel – will “cure” her of her unhealthy obsession. But she keeps pushing him away.

Maybe the best medicine for her would be to meet her “mentor”… A photo of Alan, clad in black, facing Taglioni, in a red dress, and Bruel, taken by the French newspaper in front of the Plaza on Saturday, suggests that they were filming the scene where she finally encounters him.

Taglioni’s character embodies the French obsessions with all things Woody. France has always been very supportive of his films and enjoys his sense of humor. Allen reciprocates the love and plays homage to The Illuminated City in his next movie Midnight in Paris, which will open the Cannes Film Festival on May 11. Check out the trailer here.

Woody Allen Films in Paris

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