Woody Allen to Co-Star in His Next Film alongside Roberto Benigni

     May 6, 2011


Woody Allen has cast two more actors in his next untitled film.  One actor is a familiar face in Woody Allen’s films: Woody Allen.  Allen hasn’t co-starred in one of his movies since 2006’s Scoop, but he sounds pretty pleased with the decision to join the picture, which he tells USA Today is “comic picture, an out-and-out comedy.”  Also, if you thought you were done with Roberto Benigni, you were wrong because Allen says the Oscar-winning actor is also in the film.  After coming to the attention of mainstream American audiences in Life is Beautiful, Benigni thought it would be a good idea to adapt Pinocchio and then play Pinocchio and that no one would be creeped out by the prospect of a middle-aged man playing a young boy.

Allen and Benigni join previously-announced cast members Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page, Penelope Cruz, and Alec Baldwin.  Allen says he’s still casting for the film, which shoots in Rome this summer.  His new film, Midnight in Paris, will open the Cannes Film Festival and hit theaters in the US on May 20th.

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